Visual Artist Bryce Casselman


Hi I'm Bryce Casselman, a former skimboard photographer who's passion for creation led to creating visual art. What I love about using digital photography as a medium to create art is that I can immortalize anything to be enjoyed for a lifetime. The technology of today, specifically the smartphone, makes it real fun to play with the imagery.

So I took a bit of a creative hiatus over the past 10 years raising my family here on Vancouver Island, BC. I am once again inspired to create and look forward to bringing more visual art projects to life. Please stay connected and see what happens!

Here on my website you'll find the iPhone project that got me started on this artistic journey. This is a synopsis behind that project...

While The City Sleeps; circa 2011

A visual arts project established on the streets of Victoria, BC.

Being a new resident to Vancouver Island in 2010 and living in the core of the city I was exposed to many visuals daily. From graffiti to nature to the obscure things I'd discover I became intrigued with what caught my eye.

Often when walking the city with my dog I'd start to capture, using my iPhone 4, what most people would simply overlook as they went about their day. Rather than just snap photos in the moment to enjoy later and then end up deleting I started to tweak the images.

Using a few apps on my iPhone, the process involved to create this project, I simply mashed the images together to ultimately conceptualize a form of art. While The City Sleeps is a project about giving immortal life to messages and images from the streets. 

The Suburbs Are Awake; circa 2021

This is the reawakening of a 10 year old iPhone photography project. Inspired by the simplicity of what most people would consider vandalism, I bring new life to what would eventually fade away or be permanently erased. By incorporating a bit of nature to the paint stokes left on the streets a story comes together with every piece. If we just open our eyes we would see so much more! All imagery is shot and brought to life with an iPhone.

On another note I'm very excited to learn about NFT's so expect to see some drop on OpenSea.io to compliment my projects.